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                     Why Square Dance?

                  What Is The Attraction?


The reasons people square dance are as diverse as people are themselves.


Some begin with a narrow vision of what they are seeking and discover much more once they get involved. Many begin with the notion that they'd like to get away from their sedentary lives and get a little exercise once in awhile.


Some see it as an opportunity to get out and do something together with their family or partner. Others are on a quest to find a companion or make new social contacts.The benefits of square dancing are huge.


It's a low impact exercise which improves muscle tone and lung capacity, helps to build and maintain strong bones and improve balance and coordination.


Square dancing reduces stress, sharpens mental reaction time and improves memory skills.

It's a community focused activity and a great way to make new friends in a healthy environment.

You may be wondering, "What do square dancers find appealing about this activity?" It begins with people who are open and friendly, who make you feel good about yourself and whose influence helps you to perhaps overcome some of your own inhibitions.

Yes, square dancing sounds a bit complicated at first but it's really quite easy to learn. After some lessons and a little practice you'll be dancing like a pro. But no matter what level you dance at, the one aspect that remains constant is the fun. If you've ever wanted to forget about your troubles and rediscover play, this is the activity for you. Stress doesn't stand a chance when smiles are the order of the day!


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