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Fran Archambault, along with support from husband Roger, has been the caller for Ocean Waves since 2009.


A native of Canso, Nova Scotia, Fran has brought her love of East Coast music and dance to the club. At a recent Salty Dog dance she introduced the crowd to the Salty Dog Rag...dancing at a new fun level - and typical of Fran’s enthusiasm for Square Dancing.


Fran grew up in Canso, Nova Scotia,a place where everyone sings and any kind of dancing is natural and good. High school introduced her to Acadian music and she loved it. Fran joined the Navy, then met Roger Archambault also in the Military. They got married in Canso, N.S. and Roger changed over to the Air Force .


Moving around as military families do, they were in Comox from 1990-1997. Then they moved back to Greenwood, N.S.Fran was President of the Hospital Auxilary in Greenwood. Working with a crew of young girls who all square danced she was encouraged to go to a dance. Roger was a bit hesitant, but agreed to try it. They both liked it and continued on.


Then came Fran’s chance at Goofers Night, 5 women took turns calling, and Fran was hooked! People encouraged her to continue and Nelson Labor, a plus caller, got her started on some singing calls.


After Wolf Clar retired as caller of the Ocean Waves, the club put an ad in the Cross Trail News. Fran answered it and she and Roger packed up and came back to the Comox Valley.

Mike Gronendyk from Qualicum was then calling and teaching new dancers for the club on an interim basis. He worked with Fran and she took over the classes in 2008 and the next year she became the Ocean Waves official caller.


Lorna Corbet came as the new Cuer for the club, and with her husband Carmen completed a great team for the Ocean Waves club.


Fran and Roger’s daughter Tanya Archambault runs a busy coffee shop in Comox and there are two grandchildren, Pepper and Fin, to keep them busy too.


Fran loves music, she loves dancing, calling, teaching, she even loves the crinolines! She enjoys teaching new dancers and says what she cares about is seeing them laughing, learning and having fun. Her goal for the Ocean Waves Club is to keep it healthy, encourage new dancers and get out the message that square dancing is healthy and fun.

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